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Proper Etiquette to Use when you do not wish children to attend your wedding.


Unlike decisions about menus or music, those related to children should be handled quickly to avoid awkward questions from parents who need to make plans.


Yes — especially if the wedding is in the evening or is very formal. Daytime or Casual Weddings usually allow children as people tend to be more offended if they cannot bring their children to weddings of this type. The no-kids rule works best when the majority of the families are local, which means parents can leave their children with familiar babysitters for the entire day or drop them off with grandparents on the way to the wedding. If you are hosting a destination wedding or you have a lot of family coming in from out of town it is much harder to not invite kids. In fact, it may be regarded as rude or inconsiderate.


Address your envelopes properly. The traditional way to indicate whether a child is invited is to include his name on the invitation. If your card will have both an outer and inner envelope, his parents’ names should appear on the outer envelope, but on the inner, his name should be written beneath his parents’ names. (If you’re using just an outer envelope, of course, the child’s name should also be on it.) If the child is over age 18, he should receive a separate invitation, even if he’s still living at home. It is “generally not in good taste to address an envelope to ‘Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith and Family,'” since the wording can be vague. However, the phrasing’s okay as long as you write the names of those invited on the inside envelope. Guests who may not know proper invitation etiquette may not understand that they cannot invite children if their child’s name is left off the invitation. If your family and friends fall into this category it is best to write “ ‘Adult Only’ Reception to follow” on your invitation.


After your invitation is sent (or better yet, before), make a call to your friends and family who have children to explain that your wedding is or isn’t child-friendly. “If you’re willing to invite this person to your wedding, you should be willing to pick up the phone and have a conversation with her. If not you, then your parents. This is an especially effective approach if you’re worried about a stubborn friend or flaky relative bringing her children against your wishes. You may also use this opportunity to let them know if you plan to invite children of a certain age but plan to arrange for childcare services. A telephone call is a great way to let the parents know that their children will be well taken care of at the wedding.


The short answer is, “YES”. Of course, we draw the line at immediate family vs. friends and other relatives.   If there are just a few children from different families perhaps an age cut-off will work best. Older kids are more likely to behave and we recommend kids older than 12 or 13 years of age if you are going to have more than 8 or 10 children at your wedding and you do not wish for them to be there. Keep in mind, if you are having a wedding of 150 guests and only 2 of them are children (under 10) then “it’s darling”. But if you have 20 children that are 10 and older, you could end up with a playing field — and that might not be ideal.


Your sibling’s children, obviously, should take priority over, say, a friend’s, but if this rule of thumb still leaves you in a fix, consider traditional etiquette, which limits your choices for flower girls and ring bearers to children between 3 and 7 years old. “Younger children simply don’t make it to the end of the aisle” without some adult intervention. She adds that an 8-year-old can be promoted to junior bridesmaid, a title she can hold until her 18th birthday, when she’s finally allowed to lose the “junior” label. “On the other hand, boys are usually retired from the wedding business from age 8 until they’re old enough to be a groomsman, at 18,” she says. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. We have planned a few weddings in which a toddler was pulled down the aisle in a wagon by a little girl. It was simply adorable. Remember, There are no rules when it comes to your wedding, it is simply what is comfortable to you as long as you are fair across the board.


At the ceremony, children can act as ushers, hand out programs, circulate mass books or yarmulkes, or distribute packets of rice or rose petals. At the reception, kids can manage a guest book or pass out favors in a basket or on a tray.


It is poor taste not to invite the ring bearer and flower girl to the reception. It’s not an easy task, both emotionally and logistically, for parents to dress up kids in fancy clothes, prod them to do their given jobs, then tell them they have to miss the party. The thoughtful thing to do is to invite them to the reception. If you’re really intent on having a purely adult reception, at the very least allow the flower girl and ring bearer to attend the cocktail hour and a portion of the reception, then at a reasonable time offer to find them babysitters for the rest of the night.


When it comes to food, children’s meals make kids happier and are often less expensive. A small buffet or individual meals with kid-friendly foods like spaghetti, chicken fingers, and fruit cups.


We recommend seating kids aged 7 to 14 at a separate table, and those under 7 in another room entirely, with childcare provided. Children this young, will likely want to be near their parents and won’t sit still for long if Mom and Dad are within eyesight and earshot. If you’d like children to be in the same room as adults, we suggest designating an area off to the side that both feeds kids and keeps them busy. We like mini-tables, small buffets, and kid-friendly decor, like tables peppered with coloring books and crayons organized in galvanized buckets. If it’s in your budget, hire a babysitter. Smaller and younger children that require parents constant attention may need to remain with their parents for safety reasons.


If little guests are going to be in their own supervised room, experts suggest filling it with easy-to-coordinate activities — including board games; gender-neutral, kid-appropriate movies; and simple art projects. Even better, create a “Kids’ Club,” and hire insured childcare providers to act as counselors who set up themed activities. For couples with big budgets, consider hired entertainers such as balloon artists, magicians, and puppeteers.


A lot of parents prefer to leave their child with a familiar sitter, says Kaforey, so this isn’t an unusual scenario. If it’s in your budget, by all means, include the nanny; not only is it a generous gesture, but it will give the invited parents peace of mind. Seat the nanny wherever you’re seating the children — at the parents’ table, a children’s table, or in a separate room (be sure to include her in headcount for an adult meal). Also, remember that she’ll require an escort card and place card. That said, you’re in no way obligated to say yes. Your guest list is your guest list, and you shouldn’t have to invite someone just because someone wants you to. This is especially true if you’re having an intimate affair with only your family and close friends in attendance or if you’re on a tight budget.

Coping with Change while Planning Your Wedding

Turnover is a frequent occurrence in the event industry; people get promoted or change companies. Unfortunately, many brides have had to deal with being passed from one person to another once or even a few times during the planning process. Planners and Assistants change and catering manager move jobs often.

It is normal to be worried that everything you have planned is being diluted by being passed among so many people. I can assure you that if you have hired a reputable and experienced vendor/venue, then everyone’s notes should be well kept and that all would be just fine. Speaking with or requesting to work with the owner or director may also offer some comfort if you have been passed around more than once. Those people aren’t usually going anywhere!

Change most certainly happens during the wedding planning process. How are you to survive and not go insane (or worse, turn into Bridezilla)? Here are some tips:

  1. Keep good notes. This is why I LOVE email. My planners keep all the correspondence they have between the vendors and the bride so that if something were to happen, someone else could easily step in and take over.
  2. Keep in constant contact with your vendors. If something changes at the company, you will be among the first to know. This doesn’t mean call every week, but send an email every once and a while letting them know how your planning is coming along. Your pleasant email will keep you at the top of your vendors’ minds.
  3. Express your frustration (if you have any) with the change, then let it go. This presumes that the company with whom you are working has hired a competent replacement for the person who left. If you aren’t happy with the replacement, talk with her first. Let her know your concerns. If your concerns are still not addressed, calmly speak to her superior. Make sure you can specifically address how your needs aren’t being met.
  4. Set up a face-to-face meeting with the replacement. This is an excellent time to get to know her and to make sure she has all the details that her predecessor had.

Change is really difficult, especially with something as detailed and emotional as planning a wedding. I know that my clients get very attached to me. (The reverse is true as well.) Just understand that people move on in every business. If your vendors are professional, they will help you through the change.

Wedding Gowns and Weight Loss

Today I received a call from one of my wonderful brides who was on her way to try on her wedding gown. Her wedding is a few short weeks away and she is going in for a final fitting. She mentioned to me that she lost about twenty pounds and she was worried about her gown fitting and what it would look like. I’m not going to lie…I was worried too. Since her gown was already purchased and altered to fit her original size, having to alter it significantly (for a second time) may compromise the shape and look of the original gown. Twenty Pounds of Weight Loss is amazing (under normal circumstances) however now we have no choice but to alter it, as the gown she purchased was a stunning and very, very, very expensive gown. This wasn’t a gown we could just hang in the closet and get another one. Well, at the solon she tried on the gown. She needed clips so that the gown wouldn’t slide off of her. Fortunately, the alterations lady was there and assured us that this particular style could be altered (down two sizes) with ease. It is mostly lace so there is no beading to worry about. Being quite relieved, I have learned a hard lesson that I now will pass on to every bride that we work with. I would like to impart on everyone is that you should be very cautious about the size of the gown you order and you should try to maintain your weight once you do. If you intend to lose weight prior to the wedding, wait as long as possible before ordering your gown. NEVER under any circumstances order a gown that is smaller than your actual size. The pressure will be too great to lose weight, and if you don’t, it is very difficult to make a gown larger.


I am GOOD Friends with my “competition.” Its a funny (but wonderful) thing. We go out to lunch, go for drinks, email and chat on the phone and share funny and sometimes scary wedding stories with eachother. We are each others’ best supporters. So, it is really hard when a bride shops all of us.

We are all qualified, talented planners, but sometimes, we have a difficult time distinguishing among us as to who is the best. Actually, I don’t think there is one answer to that question. So aside from the normal list that you see on how to choose a planner like, How long has she been in business? How many weddings has she done? Is she a member of any professional organizations? What does she charge?, I have come up with a two additional questions to consider.

1. Does the planner match your style in both look and personality? My friends and I are all a great group of girls, but each of us has a distinct style. Whimsical, serious, older, younger, vivacious, and reserved are just a few adjectives that have been used to describe us. Make sure the planner you choose is a good fit for you.

2. How does the planner work on the wedding day? Some planners are hands-off and others are right in the thick of things. Some brides hire a planner for the prestige of having a planner so they like someone who will mingle with guests and stand out, others hire a planner to be — a planner and feel more comfortable if she stands in the background and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

As I always say, go with your gut, you get what you pay for and once you make a decision stick with it and enjoy the planning process.

Wedding Flowers and Saving Money

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it brings to mind a very important issue regarding planning your wedding budget. While February 14th is a very romantic day to wed, did you know that flowers, particularly roses, are much more expensive this time of year? It isn’t the florists being greedy, the demand for roses is just so high at that time of year, that the wholesalers charge the florists more per stem. If you don’t want to change the time of year for your wedding, there are tricks to combat this price increase. Try decorating with more candles. There is nothing more romantic then candle light. You can also use lanterns or other objects of art for the center of the tables. Gorgeous linens and place settings create a beautiful table as well. Set an appointment with your florist and discuss your wedding date vs. your spending parameters with her. She will be able to give you suggestions to make the most of the money you spend on your flowers. Now be sure to take an evening off from your wedding plans and spend a lovely, romantic evening with your bride or groom-to-be. I always want to make sure that while going through the wedding planning process that you don’t neglect the one you love. It is important to work on your relationship while you are working on your celebration.

The Importance of WEDDING BUDGETS!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope those of you who have been planning your weddings took a well deserved break over the holidays to enjoy family and friends. To those of you who got engaged over the holidays (and I know there are lots of you, congratulations! What an exciting way to start the new year.

Most of you will be eager to get started planning and hiring for your wedding. I cannot stress enough that now is the time for you to sit down and plan your wedding budget. Before you attend a bridal show, or try on your first wedding gown, you must decide WHAT are you going to spend on your wedding and HOW you are going to spend it.

A big item that affects how you are going to spend your money is to decide who you are going to invite to the wedding. The number of guests who attend will be the single biggest impact on your overall wedding budget. Feeding 200 guests is quite a bit more expensive than feeding 125. You also have to consider that you will need more table linens, centerpieces and favors if you have a larger number of guests.

Get out those calculators, start thinking about your wedding budget, and happy planning!

If you don’t know where to begin you can start with us.  We are happy to establish your budget for you based on REALISTIC Wedding pricing in Houston. The expense you may spend with Events for all Seasons may save you THOUSANDS in the long run.


Tatiana’s Quinceanera belongs in a magazine!  The Perfect Affair handled all of the props and décor as well as designing the event space with the venue, VIP La Fontaine (W. Tidwell location).  The Perfect Affair was available to attend décor appointments with the venue to make sure the colors tied in perfectly. Not only did Tatiana and her family have a blast, but she was treated like the princess she deserved to be.   Her family and friends were greeted by the circus mime, and enjoyed drinking and dancing while being entertained by magicians, jugglers, snake charmers and stilt walkers! 


Kelsey’s Wedding at Amber Springs in Montgomery was not only beautiful but it was the type of simple elegance that goes a long way. Can’t wait to see the rest of her photos!   


As you can tell I am HORRIBLE at blogging!  This world is very new for me, BUT I am told I must do it to keep our clients and future clients up to date! So that being said- I am back!  It has been over a year since I have written on the blog so I’ll give you just  quick update. 1.  We purchased a party props company in order to expand. 2. We continue to office from home however have a HUGE warehouse now that allows for prop storage, floral creations, and much more to take place behind the scenes. 3. Our name has now changed from “The Perfect Affair” to “Events for All Seasons”.  We feel this is a better representation of what we do.  We are all encompassing when it comes to events.  It doesn’t matter the time of year, day of the week or type of event.  We will provide planning, coordination/onsite management, floral, and props!  Everything from Baby Showers, 1st Birthdays, 40th Birthdays, 50th Anniversary’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Proms, Homecomings, Corporate events…you name it! Now – we fabricate almost anything so the sky REALLY is the limit!!  The pic attached is in our new warehouse, painting a portion of a backdrop that eventually becomes 8’x16′ We are SUPER EXCITED with this new addition and hope to be serving our local businesses, schools, churches and families in a larger capacity through out 2017! (p.s.  I will slowly add photos from events over the past year.  Some of the themes were pretty cool!)

Hello World!


As a blog virgin this is completely new to me BUT I keep hearing that I “need” to put a blog on my website so what better time to start than now.  I read blogs all the time.  Everything from cooking, mommy blogs, to event blogs, to blogs about technology.  All informative and interesting in their own ways (although the technology blogs can be a little bland at times).

Thank you for coming to The Perfect Affair website today and for reading our first post.  It will be the least informative post of all posts to come – I guarantee that!  I hope to be able to keep you “in the loop” on new trends in the event world including weddings, proms, quinceaneras and corporate events.  I will also post coupons from time to time, special deals, and other promotions.

Thank you again for visiting and the next post will have substance to it – I promise!