Hello World!


As a blog virgin this is completely new to me BUT I keep hearing that I “need” to put a blog on my website so what better time to start than now.  I read blogs all the time.  Everything from cooking, mommy blogs, to event blogs, to blogs about technology.  All informative and interesting in their own ways (although the technology blogs can be a little bland at times).

Thank you for coming to The Perfect Affair website today and for reading our first post.  It will be the least informative post of all posts to come – I guarantee that!  I hope to be able to keep you “in the loop” on new trends in the event world including weddings, proms, quinceaneras and corporate events.  I will also post coupons from time to time, special deals, and other promotions.

Thank you again for visiting and the next post will have substance to it – I promise!