Wedding Gowns and Weight Loss

Today I received a call from one of my wonderful brides who was on her way to try on her wedding gown. Her wedding is a few short weeks away and she is going in for a final fitting. She mentioned to me that she lost about twenty pounds and she was worried about her gown fitting and what it would look like. I’m not going to lie…I was worried too. Since her gown was already purchased and altered to fit her original size, having to alter it significantly (for a second time) may compromise the shape and look of the original gown. Twenty Pounds of Weight Loss is amazing (under normal circumstances) however now we have no choice but to alter it, as the gown she purchased was a stunning and very, very, very expensive gown. This wasn’t a gown we could just hang in the closet and get another one. Well, at the solon she tried on the gown. She needed clips so that the gown wouldn’t slide off of her. Fortunately, the alterations lady was there and assured us that this particular style could be altered (down two sizes) with ease. It is mostly lace so there is no beading to worry about. Being quite relieved, I have learned a hard lesson that I now will pass on to every bride that we work with. I would like to impart on everyone is that you should be very cautious about the size of the gown you order and you should try to maintain your weight once you do. If you intend to lose weight prior to the wedding, wait as long as possible before ordering your gown. NEVER under any circumstances order a gown that is smaller than your actual size. The pressure will be too great to lose weight, and if you don’t, it is very difficult to make a gown larger.